Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Archiving more cards at CHM


Today at CHM I read and saved some more decks of cards, then emailed them to the professor and his grad students. The temporarily lost box 1 of 6 was found and delivered, so I fired the system up and started reading. 

I found that periodically the setup would hang up or begin misreading. Often it would stop with an error that the PC side program had sent a command 10 times without any response. There are quite a few places that could be having problems:

  • Documation card reader
  • Wiring to the PCB that drives the reader
  • USB module hooked to the USB
  • USB drivers on the Surface Pro notepad
  • Flaw in the program (but has worked well other days)

Sometimes it seemed that I had to reboot Windows to resume operation, other times it seemed to be related to heating (e.g. duration it was powered up). Sadly it doesn't reset itself reliably. We removed the card cage cover on the card reader and placed a muffin fan to provide more cooling, but it didn't seem to help.

The setup will read and verify reliably for intervals, then start malfunctioning before it reaches the interface timeout situation. This will slow down my progress archiving the decks, as I was only able to read about a dozen decks today. 

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