Thursday, December 8, 2016

Emulator board designed and fabbed out


Today I completed the emulator role board design and shipped it off to a different foundery,, as they would do a quantity one order. I need to be more confident in the correctness of the board before I order more.

Multilayer view of PCB design for emulator board

The above board is 6" wide by 4" high and has an 2x20 IDC type male shrouded connector on each side. The left one is mounted on the bottom of the board and plugs downward into the female connector on the Digilent FPGA extension board seen below. The right side connector is mounted on the top and accepts the 40 signal ribbon cable that runs to the Alto computer or other system that makes use of a Diablo 31 disk drive.
Extension board, fpga plugs to left and driver/emulator board sits on top
Below is the multilayer view of the driver board, the same size as the emulator board but with different numbers of input and output circuits and connections as befits its role. It also mounts atop a Digilent extension board that will in turn plug into a Nexys3 fpga board.

Multilayer view of PCB design for driver boar

Finally, to round out the pictures, here is the Nexys3 board onto which the extension board is connected. A USB connection on the left lower side communicates with a PC in order to load and store disk images.
Nexys3 fpga board hooks to extension board

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