Friday, October 10, 2014

Short day but some accomplishments with 1053 restoration


I worked the broken end of the old hand cycle tool out of the cycle shaft, then threaded on my newly acquired hand cycle wheel with the degree markings. I used one spring hook I had from an ebay auction to clear out the hole into which the cycle clutch latch spring fits. Now it is just a matter of hooking the spring through that hole deep in the mechanism, then pulling the other end out and affixing it to the cycle clutch lever.

I still have one or more of the pivots, arms, latches or other parts involved in tab operation bound up with congealed lubricant, because when I crank the carrier moves smoothly forward at a fast pace. I will carefully work through the entire chain of parts involved in this, exercising them to free up motion, until the tab operation stops.

As soon as my full set of spring hooks and other tools arrived, I used them to deal with that spring that needed reattachment. These will also help me with the IO selectric mechanism I got from the Itel/Dura word processor - which when restored can operate as a 2741 substitute to deliver an improved 1130 APL operation.

The tab operation was ended by working out the lube, but the unit is currently taking continual print cycles although without a tilt or rotation to a specific character. This may be an adjustment problem since I had removed and reattached part of the cycle clutch mechanism.


My return from the business trip was quite a bit longer than expected, due to delayed flights, missed connections and extra connections that got me home after 2AM, with a full day of calls booked starting at 8AM later that day. Between lack of sleep, a cold I caught and limited time, I didn't get anything beyond the 1053 work done.

Tomorrow I will spend the morning at the Computer History Museum bringing up the two 1401 machines for an education program and a public demo, since they were short handed. By the afternoon I should be back to the machine, making progress on several fronts.

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