Friday, October 16, 2015

Progressing on debugging the virtual 2310 disk drive


I found a few places to tighten up the logic for the virtual 2310 drive adapter, where a race hazard might cause it to miss the reset of the last XIO function in spite of the PC side having retrieved it. I also made a change to better handle extracting the buffered last character and present it to the PC upon request.

I am moving through the virtual 2310 disk drive logic - verifying function and where needed cleaning up the design. At this point I am in the midst of the XIO Init Read of a sector, with quite a bit still to verify but moving forward which is good.

The changes I made for the mirror 1053 driver is resulting in timeouts on a transaction - I suspect that my logic is hanging the transactional engine in the fpga, due to some flaw in my FIFO pop circuitry. I will look over the code and figure out the issue.

My company laptop on which I maintain the master of the Python program has decided to abruptly cease accessing USB memory sticks, which were my medium of transport to the Linux netbook and the Windows Surface systems. I can still email the file to a desktop system in the den and place it on USB from there.

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