Monday, June 6, 2016

Recovered my GUI and fpga work of past month


The data recovery service (Datacent) responded immediately this morning when they read my message from over the weekend. They quickly put up the intended files and I downloaded them that morning. After a couple of hours, I had the files extracted and could verify their correctness.

All I needed was there! I still have some work to do in bringing my Python environment up to a fully functional equivalent to what I had, and a bit of work to update some IP in the Xilinx environment since I grabbed a slightly newer version of Vivado this time around, but I have the work I did.

Making a thumbdrive backup now, in addition to the online Crashplan backup, so that I don't face the loss of the data ever again. Once that was done, I updated the Xilinx IP and verified that my code can be generated by the toolchain. Worked well.

Next up, I have to merge my saved files with the wider set of files from my backup a month ago. With that done, it is time to work on getting the Python environment ready to run the GUI. That means the wxPython library, several other libraries, pyusb and some usb libraries moved into windows.


A friend (Marc) just bought a front panel from a 360 model 50 and wants to create a model 50 in FPGA, connected to the panel lights and controls. There appears to be just about enough documentation to create the system, but it will take substantial investigation and interpolation.

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