Friday, January 13, 2017

Finished emulator board and tested a replacement method for clocking in data bits from disk


All my components came in, allowing me to solder up and check the new Diablo Emulator board. This one provides termination resistor networks for all the signal lines, both inbound and outbound to the ALTO, since the disk controller card itself provides none.

I verified every signal has continuity between inputs, chips, outputs and that all power and ground are good. The board is ready to use however testing is difficult since I don't have an Alto computer at home to hook it to. I will have to use a testbed for some testing and then bring it over to the home where we have the restored Alto system in order to test it in operation.

Worked through my replacement logic design, a new streamlined method for clocking in data bits to the deserializer from the ReadClock and ReadData disk drive outputs. If this dramatically improves the number of clean sector reads, it will prove that weaknesses in my prior FSMs caused the problems.

I ran a test but haven't had time to check the results to see if this works better than the old methods 

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