Thursday, August 10, 2017

Replaced my horizontal switching chip in Tek 7854, still not working (but different)


The new IC is installed on the PCB but placing that back into the scope is more trouble than I expected. The board is small, very roughly about 2" x 6", and is inserted through a cutout behind one of the four plug-in sockets in the lower bay of the scope.

I noted where the six coaxial cables and one other connector are inserted, but the bigger issue is the 9 slender wire rods that must slide through holes in this board. Each is a rectangular copper wire about 3" high standing off the lower common board and onto which my board must slide to make its contacts.

With the holes about 1/64" in size and spread across the board, I have to finesse nine separate wire rods into the holes simultaneously before I can slide the board down to its final mounting position. The slightest bend or miss-positioning of one is enough to block the entire board from sliding.

Fortunately I can look from the underside to see how these nine rods are touching the PCB. Thus it is just barely possible that I can use tools to hold the rods in position, with the board slightly tilted, moving forward so that earlier rods stay in holes but new ones are maneuvered to their holes.

The layout is one hole in the upper right, three along the left side from mid to mostly top, the rest down low and to the right. They are not as aligned as it sounds, except for one group of 3 and another of 2. This will take very good lighting and lots of patience.

Thursday morning I set up the lighting and lined up my tools for the first attempt. Placing the board over the pins was not difficult once I had tools that could reach the pins individually. I placed all cables back as they were originally and buttoned up the scope.

Now that it is installed and cabled up, it is time to test this scope out. The key will be ability to use both left and right timebases to sweep across the screen and to view un-distorted characters from the digital section. 

Drat! Not only did this not fix the original problem, but now I have no horizontal defection at all in analog mode from either B plug in. The digital mode characters still shake. The one ray of light is that the horizontal mode switching now works properly, choosing the left or right B plug in and alternating or chopping.

Something more pernicious is happening here. The digital mode sweeps, thus my new chip is at least connecting the digital left and right signals to the horizontal defection amplifiers. The analog left and right signals do not appear to be switched, however.

I will need to do some scoping of these signals, I guess, to figure out what is happening. Working hypothesis is that additional failed components are affecting the scope, with a less likely but small chance that my replacement chip is failing too. Something is wrong but I will put this aside for now until I am ready for the more involved digging necessary.

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