Saturday, June 9, 2018

Picking up some teletypes


I picked up a Teletype model ASR 33 today and brought it home. It is in pretty clean shape, but will need restoration to get it working properly. There is also a front panel and knob missing.

My ASR33 teletype
On eBay I saw a model 15 for sale, actually the military TG-7-B model which is mainly different because it fits into shipping crates for transportation in the field. It had a low starting price and no apparent interest from others, so I placed a bid and won it for $99. I do have to drive down to southern California to pick it up, but it is a great deal even with that.

A TG-7-B teletype
Keyboard of my machine
Finally, I was given a model 15 Transmitter/Distributor (TD) which is a unit that reads paper tape and transmits it as serial data. This will allow me to use paper tape to drive the printer.

Data in parallel from tape on left, serialized by rotary encoder


  1. If you need any tips or hints about restoring these (at least the ASR-33, Bill Degnan from knows a lot about it and has restored his healthy share.

  2. Do you know of anybody who might want a Model 35 Teletype machine?
    It was in working order just over 30 years ago when we bought software to run on an IBM AT that allowed us to greatly reduce our costs.
    When asked the company told us to just throw it out. I disconnected it and took it home. It has traveled with me since. It is not in perfect condition but as far as I can tell looking at it it should still work.

    Any interest? I am in the greater Cincinnati area and hate to throw it out but the house we moved into just doesn't have the room.

    If you know of any societies local to Cincinnati, etc. (or if you want it of course) please let me know.

    It is out of the garage and making it's way off the premises. :-D

    Thanks in any event - Davis

    Davis DeBord, CPA, MBA/TM, MSIT
    MCSE, CNE, A+, Network+, (inactive CCNA)
    SAP Certified Associate - FICO
    AEL (Ohio State Department of Education)

    1. I have passed this along to a few people but our location on the west coast makes it more difficult to consider. The word was passed to some in the midwest but you should offer this on the main mailing list for teletype enthusiasts - Greenkeys - where you undoubtedly will find someone interested in restoring a model 35.