Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Testing light dams and EL wire for use with DSKY substitute


Light dams

The light dams were delivered today and fit well. They will block light from adjacent sections, sitting under the frosted plastic panels that have printed text and other markings. They are ready for use.
Light dam in place on right side (EL) panel
Light dams in place for left side (indicator) panel
Testing electroluminescent wire as DSKY line

I also received the test EL wire which I can use to create the three lit lines that separate the register display areas of the panel. The color and brightness looked acceptable. I will bend the wire to form the three lines, covering the portions of the wire that shouldn't be seen.

Test of EL wire as illuminated line
The supply for this wire is a small converter that takes 9-12V DC input, which I will supply from the 14V BPLUSSW switched power coming from the AGC. A zener diode is used to drop the voltage to 12, with an appropriate resistor isolating this from the rest of the AGC supply.

This adds a bit of mechanical complication for mounting and the need to form a Y on the incoming BPLUSSW wire to feed both the EL driver and the DSKY PCB. Given the superior appearance, I think it will be worth the effort.

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