Friday, February 8, 2019

Paint, light blocking materials and other cosmetic work on DSKY substitue



My cardboard light masks came back from the laser cutting service. I had to make a few additions but they do fit properly. I am now ready to begin gluing up the sandwich of materials on the PCB face. First are the electroluminescent wires, then the black light dam. Next is the cutout for the plus/minus signs. Third would be the diffuser paper over the signs. Finally, the light masks are glued down.

I have also frosted the rear of both acrylic panels. White for the indicator panel and light gray for the EL panel side. These are now ready to have the labeling installed on the front with dry rub-on decals.

Frosted acrylic on left, plus cardboard light dam
I primed and painted the plastic covers that will hold the acrylic panels in place in the faceplate. Once the labeling is complete I can glue the covers over the panels and install them. The covers look fine, as does the case.

Case and faceplate

I cleaned, primed and painted the case and faceplate in the light gray I chose. I did not try to exactly match the Apollo spacecraft color, simply to produce a plausible gray that the brain will associate with pictures of the installed DSKYs.
Painted enclosure and panel covers
I still need to cut openings for cables that will run between the DSKY, Apollo Guidance Computer and external power supplies. Decision time is near - cables through holes or connector installed on side of case?

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