Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More work on console printer (1053)


I worked on the typewriter mechanism most of the day. There are a few anomalies on the triggered actions for tab, space, index and carrier return.

The space button triggers a cycle of the space/backspace/tab operational cam, but it wasn't moving the escapement bar to allow the carrier to move forward one space. Something is not connected properly or is jammed.

The release of the carrier return latch lets the latch begin to restore but it doesn't pop back far enough. Same issue as yesterday.

The tab button will set the latch on the carrier but often the interposer doesn't trigger the tab/space/backspace operational cam so it doesn't complete. If i fire it via the space button, it then accomplishes the tab movement to the next tabset.

The index interposer will not restore all the way sporadically, so that the typewriter occasionally continually repeats indexing until it is interrupted. Most times it restores properly.

I didn't want to keep the 1130 system powered on just to work on the typewriter. I wired up the motor to a temporary power cord that I could plug in separately. This lets me work on the console printer independent of the main 1131 power.

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