Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pertec head looks salvageable


I spent half an hour doing more cleaning of the crashed disk head and the results are looking quite promising. By comparison, look at the smudge on the non-crashed head from the lower surface of the removable pack. Not a mark on the disk surface and a bit of this tarry streaking which I have removed now.

Good head with a bit of tar smearing
The top head looks clean and undamaged. The only area that needs further cleaning is the narrow gap for the read/write/erase magnetic poles - there is a bit of the tarry goop still in there, but I think I can get it out with more careful cleaning. The head may appear to be a different color than the good one above, but that is a photo artifact; they are the same white color.

Crashed head after more cleaning
Bit of tar still in pole gap, otherwise looking pretty good
I cleaned the disk surface but there is still a noticeable mark, so I am not so upbeat about the chance of saving the cartridge. I do have two other cartridges on hand, one of which I will use once I clean it carefully.


I set up the slave FPGA to produce an ever varying set of signals on the 104 data lines carried on the fast SPI link between it and the master FPGA in the SAC Interface Box. This way, I can be sure that
CRC and Hamming SEC-DED logic is properly validating the link data. 

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