Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bringing back cosmetic items for my 029 keypunch

I am packing in my hotel room before my flight home to California this morning. During my visit to the InfoAge museum section featuring retro computers owned by MARCH, I was able to help as they extracted the mechanisms from four 029 keypunches, saving those for spare parts and discarding the frames, table, legs etc. This gave them back valuable space in their warehouse.

It gave me a chance to pick up a few of the pieces from the discards which complete or improve my keypunch. I was missing the cover that sits over the blank card hopper and printing ribbon assembly, but now have one to install. One of the rear legs of my machine had lost its footpad, but now I have a replacement leg section. Finally, my machine no longer had the lower rear cover but that is coming home with me as well.

The small cover is in my suitcase, in bubble wrap more to protect my suitcase than to protect the cover. The other two items are inside a U-Haul box for moving mirrors, which was a good fit for the other items. I will check the mirror moving box as my second piece of luggage, rather than shipping it home separately. At 18 x 28", the cover was a bit too big to put in my main suitcase.

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