Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Waiting on probes, supplies, and not much free time today


I received all the remainder of my sound deadening material today, as well as the replacement main circuit breaker. Still to come is the current probe which will be essential for tracking down the core memory problem.  I also have more light bulbs on the way, necessary to finish off the display panel and ensure that every position lights when appropriate.

Today I have my regular midday meeting at the Computer History Museum with the rest of the 1401 Restoration Team. Both 1401 systems were acting up, plus we had work to do on other fronts, so it was busy.

Marc Verdiel, Stan Paddock and I made progress on completing the hookup of the 029 keypunch in order to implement our improved PC to keypunch facility, which will support various binary and other format cards as well as reading or verifying of cards. There is a minor issue that exists in the machine which had blocked its ability to DUPlicate cards - we are troubleshooting with some logic diagrams I have.

Dave Lion continued to enhance his relay tester machinery and ability to test and rehabilitate failing relays, as these are widely used in the 1401 systems and no longer available from any manufacture. Ron Crane worked with me to identify a source for the rest of the lamps for my 1130 at a reasonable price, which I then ordered online.

Frank, Ron King and the other ex-CEs worked on the readers, punches and tape drives that were failing in various ways.


Having received the substitute circuit breaker, I opened up the 1131 and swapped in the good part. The machine now powers up without any funny business. I can put the 30A breaker back in my main panel as I am no longer providing protection for the 1130 system from a 20A unit in the house wiring.

Replacement main circuit breaker for 1131

Open sequencing unit to remove old breaker at bottom right

Old breaker on right, working breaker on left

Breaker installed in place

Sequencing unit closed back up

Black cover over power supplies closed up, job done


I installed the thick sound deadening panels under the top covers of the 1442, as well as on the door of the chip bucket compartment. I had to stop as it was time to drive over for the Digital Game Museum meeting that evening.

Soundproofing over stacker and punch mechanisms

Soundproofing over hopper, preread and read units

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