Monday, November 23, 2015

Moving forward with system load deck and cartridge recreation

As I remain in the throes of a nasty cold, I don't have much energy to expend and mostly spend it in front of a PC instead of out with the 1130 system. I am trying to get better before my two weeks of travel beginning on Saturday, where I will be forcefully separated from the 1130 and related gear.


I continued with testing, working to get the object decks I punched from the utility program work properly with a system load initialization or reload for DMS2. From time to time I discover some nuance of how the decks are configured for system load, but mostly I am cleaning up subtle defects in my code.

As an example of nuances, I first determined that the output of a deck should start at its beginning address, with a specific pattern identifying where in the module the loader should update the code with the SLET entries which this module will call. However, some decks have these entries and thus are covered by the Reload Table. The module helps build the reload table entry with these beginning words. Other modules don't refer to any entries so I have two styles of beginning card to produce, either two or four words long.

At this point, phases that don't have a reload table entry are loading without error, but I have a minor flaw in the logic for the other module type. Also, when I do a word by word comparison of the original sector and my reloaded version, I see that something is awry in my 'stepping' logic for advancing through the words of the sector and produce load cards.

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