Friday, November 27, 2015

Scanning DMS V11 load decks

Still trying to recover from my cold before I fly off to London tomorrow, but I did spend a few minutes on the 1130.


I brought the rest of my DMS R2 V11 deck out to the card reader to try to read them all in. Some of the sections of the deck are in rough condition, thus causing problem during the reading. I completed the deck up through the FORTRAN compiler phases, then read about half of the COBOL compiler phases before I packed it in.

The COBOL phases do not have header cards and do not appear to participate in the Reload Table scheme at all. The only phases for which I am still missing a header card are 74 and the RPG compiler set I don't yet know if the RPG compiler uses header cards or omits them as COBOL did.

I am building up virtual card drawers for both V2 M11 and V2 M12 with all the phases and other decks needed for system load operations.

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