Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Restoration work on 1442, plotter and more development of new GUI


I did some filing down on the UV curable plastic I bonded on the punch drive wheel to replace the cracked segment. I was pleased to find that it could be worked as promised. Next step is to be sure it is built up higher than the target diameter, so that my machining will all be subtractive to yield the intended surface.

I need to build a jig that will keep the outer face of the wheel, the perimeter that will contact cards, at the right distance to a rotary grinding tool. Then, I can slowly rotate the wheel to move the built-up sections along the repaired arc, grinding them down at the right diameter. The final step will be to coat some grit balls with the UV resin, place them on the repaired arc and cure them in place with UV.

The original wheel is a ceramic that has big grit balls embedded on the outer face. These grit 'balls' are the gripping mechanism to pull the card along. As long as I have the replacement section so its initial diameter is the same as the original's diameter in between grit balls, and make the balls the same size, it should all work.


Restructuring the GUI

Worked on the logic to fire up a device handler when the Device menu is selected, or to stop it when the user wants it deactivated. Each handler puts up a control panel window which will contain buttons and status displays. As a test of the concept, I built up the 2310 disk drive panel and am still tweaking it.

Now I am splitting the logic for all my devices into the model, controller and view portions - laborious but the heart of the restructuring. Models hold the device state, controllers communicate with the fpga and views control the on screen GUI elements.


My connector arrived last night and looks perfect! It fits the connector on the rear of the plotter, although I want to clean up the contacts and pins a bit to make sure it is solid. I am still waiting for a quote from the metalworker for the task of removing the dent in the plotter drum.

New connector tested for fit

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