Sunday, February 12, 2017

HW-100 Transceiver modifications continue


This morning, I worked on the modifications to the transmit/receive relay and to the IF board. Slow but steady, removing old components and installing changed value components to fit the mods. Very hard to get access to some of these. 

I visited with my daughter in the east bay midday and was just able to get started on the modulator board changes when I returned. One of the resistors was almost completely beneath a chunky capacitor and wedged against other parts. I finally got it out, but decided to insert it on the underneath rather than on the topside since it was nearly impossible to thread the new resistor's lead into a hole underneath the capacitor. 

I did complete the modulator and bandpass board changes, then started into the headphone/speaker mods. Tickets to a show tonight, so won't get everything done, particularly the modification to allow low impedance headphones and have them mute the speaker when inserted.

These changes improve the performance, remove sidetones, remove various kinds of noise, add a bit more bass to voice, support low impedance headphones and a number of other improvements that have been developed by HW-100 and HW-101 owners over the years. Since the HW-101 was one of the most widely used Heath ham radios, it garnered a lot of attention from owners and the result are these improvements. 

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