Monday, February 6, 2017

This and that


Still working through my logic to understand why the first sector is written incorrectly I don't have the drive here so I have to be certain I know why the error is occurring and validate the correctness of my solution.


Xerox PARC was ready to toss their collection of spare ICs and other parts, but instead donated them to the Alto restoration effort. I picked up 12 small cabinets filled with various 7400, 9000 and MECL chips, RAM and other parts.


Digital Game Museum will display Tennis for Two, possibly the first video game, which displays on an oscilloscope. It was created in 1958 thus we need a period authentic scope for the exhibit. A friend loaned his Dumont 304A scope to the museum, but it was non operational.

I replaced some bad parts and restored it to operation, delivering it to the museum today to allow them to set up their exhibit in advance of the Game Developer Conference at the end of the month.  


  1. Say more about the 12 cabinets of parts. Is there a notion to sort and catalog it? Are we talking about hundreds of pieces, or thousands? Any of it likely to be of historic significance?

  2. Mostly they are 74LSxxx, 74HCTxxx etc with just a handful of each type, but there may be significant pieces (i.e. types that you have to pay a ransom for on ebay).

    You can look at the labels and highlight anything that seems particularly rare

  3. I wouldn't know, am not a conne... coneus... knowledgeable person in these items. I would say it would benefit from a drawer-by-drawer inventory to make sure each drawer had what it claims to have (I'd bet money there is more than one drawer with contents that don't match the label), and build a spreadsheet with part #s and counts indexed to drawer position. (Carl: Sounds good -- are you volunteering? Me: Uhhhhh... guess so?)