Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wrote demo disk cartridges, practiced VCF-W demo and continued archiving PARC cartridges


We met today to work on the demonstrations we will give at Vintage Computer Festival West in a few weeks. Ken and I had built disk images using the LCM's Contralto emulator, which I wrote onto two disk cartridges using the disk tool. With those, we began booting and practicing the demonstrations.

Marc also recorded the demonstrations which he will post to YouTube in a few weeks.

In addition, I returned the batch of disk cartridges to PARC since we had archived them already. I took a new batch of 30 back to Marc's where we can read them all with the disk tool to ensure the contents are preserved for posterity.

I successfully archived four cartidges, giving us two dual-disk Mesa images and source code of Press, but while reading the fifth disk we had a minor head crash at cylinder 184. The disk surface doesn't look too bad so once we clean the heads on the Diablo drive, we should be able to extract the contents.

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