Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Connecting vacuum/blower in cabinet B to drive in cabinet A


My cabinet A is in good physical condition, at least it hasn't suffered the major damage found in cabinet B. However, only cabinet B has a vacuum pump and air blower. My intent is to wire up the motor from cabinet B to the power supply in A, then route the hoses over to the fittings on cabinet A.

This should give me a fully functioning drive in cabinet A. If I could resolve the challenge of sourcing or building an equivalent vacuum pump and air blower, then it is theoretically possible to also get the drive in B working.

Damaged wiring in rear of operator control panel

Forklift through glass door and into the upper right part of drive, broken cartridge autoloader

Frame quite bent from forklift accident

However, there are substantial challenges in cabinet B - bent frame, bent parts, cracked parts for the tape cartridge autoloader, and a very damaged operator control panel. I believe I can live with the bent frame and can fix the operator control panel. It is still not clear whether critical mechanical transport parts have been bent or damaged. The autoloader could possibly be bypassed coupled with simple repairs.

Properly wired operator control panel from cabinet A

Undamaged cartridge autoloader and panel from cabinet A

The air blower provides cooling air to the take up and feed reel motors, air to the manifold and vacuum to the manifold. These three hoses were connected on the cabinet B drive unit, but all I need to do is swap them over to the cabinet A drive unit. Then, with the long power cable from the blower motor plugged into the power supply in cabinet A, it will complete the drive in that cabinet.

Good drive A, with fittings for three hoses

Vacuum pump and blower in cabinet B with hoses that reach to drive in A

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