Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dropping off blank cards and returning the rental truck - August 14, 2014

A few of the local team members want some blank card stock, but the bulk is available to the Computer History Museum. I restacked all the cards to create a very low two-box layer across the truck, encompassing 200 boxes of blank cards.

The remaining cards were offloaded and will be delivered to the local parties who want some stock. The truck was then ready to drive over to CHM for the delivery. I got there before noon and began carting the cards into the 1401 team workroom where they can be moved to a better location later this week.

Inside my garage I continued to unpack boxes and place items in appropriate locations. Once I deliver some card boxes, manuals and other items to Norm Aleks, Brian Knittel, Marc Verdiell and Bob Rosenbloom, the only clutter will be the 45+ boxes of software on cards and about 20 extra disk cartridges in two large boxes.

The truck was returned to Budget. When the final boxes and items are delivered, and when we hear that Will has safely unloaded his gear in NY, the rescue phase of the project is complete.

The restoration will begin with the yellow 1131, taking these initial steps:

  • bolt extension frame onto main unit and install cables between them
  • vacuum and clean the 1131 to remove the horrid filter debris
  • disconnect and begin bringing up power supplies - first 'reforming' electrolytic capacitors
  • verify seating of all boards and cables
  • source and install new air filter foam and sound deadening material
Now it is time to get ready for the Paul McCartney concert tonight at Candlestick Park. 

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