Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everything loaded on truck, ready to begin drive home Sunday morning

We worked from 8AM to 8PM, with just one stop to eat sandwiches and cool down. The truck is loaded, as is the van and trailer that will head east. We are done, now it is time to drive everything to its permanent home.
Robert with his forklift, placing yet another pile of blank card boxes into the truck
The team reached peak strength today, with seven of us moving and loading in the sweltering heat. Robert Wicher Jr, Alan Campbell, Will Donzelli, Arthur Dieli, John McKee, John's brother Bill and me. We are all too exhausted to do much except sleep and recover. This entry is quite abbreviated, but the next posts will provide full details on the day's work and other diversions - such as the Emergency Flood Alert that activated on our telephones tonight.

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  1. Incredible! Quite a lot of work but will be well worth it... Kudos to the team!