Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day of unexpected teeny setbacks lost me a few hours


I have the spring attached between the backspace operational latch and its interposer. The mainspring was wound up but won't fit cleanly on its bracket. It turns out that the mainspring shaft needs to be further forward, threatening the placement of the CR and escapement drums, the cords . . . . ARRRRGH

Once again, removed parts to reassemble the mainspring and drums

CR cord loose on right, spot where mainspring, plate, drum and backspace linkage goes

Loose end of escapement cord in middle, escapement drum lying in bottom in the shadows
I thought that I had tried all the possible combinations of ways these parts could be assembled, but indeed there is at least one more way and I have not yet stumbled on the proper order. I guess doing this over and over builds skills. It definitely is going together faster on the tenth try.

As of the end of the day, I had the two drums, backspace linkage, mainspring plate and some related brackets installed. I have the infamous backspace latch to interposer spring to attach once again, the fun task of winding the two cords onto their drums and a few other tasks yet to do. At least this time, the mainspring will fit properly.

There is a procedure in the FE maintenance manual for replacing the two cords, escapement and carrier return, which pull the carrier and typeball left and right, which I will follow. It sounds like it will be easy, but then again it always sounds easy until the finicky parts, ridiculously small clearances and Rube Goldberg nature of the Selectric slap some reality into me.


The new board works fine, except I haven't gotten it to load the bitstream into flash and successfully power up using it yet. I didn't spend much time because I am obsessively focused on wrapping up the accursed console printer. Still, I can resume my interface testing now.

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