Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeweler working on 1053 part, plus miscellaneous work on the Nixie/Dekatron clock and the Pertec drive


David Cortesi offered an interesting idea to make the repair on my 1053 part - find a jewelry repair or manufacturer who is comfortable dealing with small parts. I stopped by a local shop to see what they think. One referral to the next, then sent to the Great Mall to find a kiosk in the aisles of the mall, no name given, which has a "$7,500 machine" that will do the weld.

After stopping at the two kiosks that were remotely related to jewelry repair, I was referred to Dynasty Jewelers in the same mall. They believed that their shop could use their laser welder to fix the part using a silver solder. It wouldn't be smooth at the joint but should be strong enough with a bulge of solder around the repaired break. Seems like a good solution to me - I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon.


My supply of 10A fuses have arrived, so that once I replace the capacitor and op amp chip on the board, I can power the drive up and continue diagnosing its operation. I will probably get the replacement parts on Wednesday.


My sockets for Nixie IN-12 tubes have arrived. I began to wire them up, sixty-six wires to and between the sockets. By the time the sun had set, I had four sockets completely wired out of six. I need to do some mechanical work, fastening the nixie sockets onto a carrier board, but the main task remaining is the wiring of the last two sockets.

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