Monday, June 1, 2015

Spring 20 - me 1, but 1 is all I needed. Continuing with 1053 printer restoration


With some excellent advice from members of the Golfballtypewriter forum, I was able to fit my spring onto the interposer arm. However, I found it was not an exact replacement. It was too long, so that it didn't apply the necessary tension to pull the interposer rearward.

I am working with other springs to see if I find one I have enough confidence in. I also posted a request to the forum to see if anyone has a new-old-stock replacement spring. I can additionally salvage one from another Selectric typewriter, I think. They are relatively easy to buy since most have stopped working due to solidified lubricants.

I made use of one spring, not quite identical but seemed to do the job. I tested it with hand cycling and it now latches each and every time the tab button is pressed. The process of reassembly has begun. The backspace operational latch has a spring that has to fit to the top ear of the backspace interposer - it involves pushing a spring away and looping it over an ear, rather than pulling it toward me.

Fortunately, there is an IBM service tool for this, called a captive hook spring tool, which grips onto the far end of a spring (the circular hook), which allows you to maneuver it onto its holder, after which it can be released from around the spring hook. Thank heavens I bought the specialized tools needed for Selectric work - some of these tasks would be impossible without them.

That spring attached, I could reinstall the mainspring plate, the bracket that holds up the escapement rack at midspan, and set up the various linkages. I have just three things that remain to do before this is reassembled and ready for validation testing.

  1. Attach the carrier return cord pulley on the mainspring shaft with the cord taut
  2. Attach the escapement pulley on the far end of the mainstream shaft with its cord tensioned properly by the self-adjuster
  3. Install and wind the mainspring to its proper tension

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