Friday, December 11, 2015

1800 in Finland now executing instructions, while my virtual card decks for system load are being completed

Friday - flying home from a trip to Las Vegas and finally able to work with the hardware for a few days until my midweek trip to Lima, Peru in a few days.


The system is now advancing through the T-clock states, fetching data from core memory and looks like it is basically alive. The restorer discovered a signal that was blocking the clock advance and disabled it temporarily in order to get basic operation underway.

Johannes then discovered that an SLT card was plugged into the wrong socket, so that an input to a NOT gate was left floating, ultimately blocking the clock advance. When he moved the card to its proper place, the machine clocks now work correctly.

Another issue he found and corrected was spurious parity errors, which stemmed from a loose cable that he reattached. He is now able to test and confirm proper operation of the instructions and related hardware.


The system update deck for taking a DMS R2 V11 system to V12 is now essentially complete - all phases and library routines are available. The larger initial load deck for V11 itself is coming along nicely. I am missing a few of the initial decks that fit in front of the system phases, and need to make sure I have all the library routines for a V11 install as well as the library routines for the RPG and COBOL compilers.

I found a few decks which are marked as COBOL PTFs (Program Temporary Fix) thus these would replace the original distribution version of certain system phases and library programs. I don't have any RPG library routines yet, but feel pretty confident that they are sitting in my card trays ready to be captured.

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