Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Lots of time in the airport and on the flights from San Francisco to Lima (via Dallas), which I took advantage of. When I tried to charge my laptop in Dallas, I discovered I had somehow left my PC charger at home. Yikes! If I had a day or so I could have one delivered from Amazon for $25, but instead I paid an airport kiosk $108 for a generic charger. Still, this lets me continue working, handle boarding passes and other trip details, and stay sane, so worth it compared to toting a dead laptop around until Saturday


I built and tested the initial load deck for a DMS R2 V12 system (rather than loading V11 and then running an update. This involved substituting all the changed phases and modules from the V12 update into the decks I had previously prepared for the V11 initial load.

Next, I prepared the deck to load a fresh cartridge with all the decks for DMS R2 V12 to match what IBM would have shipped to a user who ordered V12. This loaded successfully. Just as with the cartridge I produced for V11, I booted the disk but it looped in the simulator rather than punching the 4380 cards it should have.

I suspect this is a simulator flaw with punching rather than an issue in my procedures, although it is also possible there is something wrong with the zucart.asm file that came with the 1130 simulator. Running ZDCIP and dumping sectors of the disk cartridge, I see the card images loaded properly on the cart and the programs properly placed on cylinder 0, so my initial assessment is that my distribution cartridges are good.

Next, I used the cross assembler that comes with the 1130 simulator to compile the object decks from the purported R2 V13 version of the monitor. These are source code of all the routines that were touched by PTFs which were shipped after V12 was out - using the fiction that the V13 which IBM never produced would have encompassed all these changes,

With all the decks produced, I built an update deck that will take a V12 cartridge and convert it to 'V13'. First, I had to update the phase header cards for each of the modified programs for V13, producing a file suitable for use with the system loader. I copied the cards from the V12 decks and modified them to use my initials, today's date and claim them as R2 V13.

Most were straightforward, but the PMONITOR deck includes both the resident monitor, numbered EMN and the device phases, so I had to separate it The DSYSLOADER deck didn't correspond directly to anything in my decks, so I had to do more research before I could merge this into the V12 decks. I found that it was the code that would be converted to 1800 core image loader format and become the DPI first phase of the loader. Brian Knittel had a utility program to accomplish this conversion.

I did all the others first, then began the work on the two problem modules. It was relatively easy to separate resident monitor from device phases and the utility program from Brian helped me get the cards converted from the normal object deck CDD format to the 1800 core image format. There are some peculiarities to work out before I test this updating a system to V13.

I plan to continue this a bit more tonight, before I get on the redeye down to Lima, but need to try to sleep for the relatively short 7 hour flight. 

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