Saturday, December 5, 2015

Read more of DMS R2 V11 decks, COBOL and RPG compilers, plus news of 1800 restoration in Finland

Back home for one day, before flying off to another conference in Las Vegas for most of the week.


I got out to the datacenter shed and read in a tray of cards - the remainder of the COBOL compiler, the rest of the system phases for DMS, the assembler, and RPG. I can break these into separate phase decks at my leisure while traveling. Next, I have to read in all the system library modules although they don't need to be divided into individual decks. I won't get to it today since I have to pack again for my pickup at 4AM tomorrow to head off to my next trip.

When I finish up this set of V11 decks, I can go back and scan all the V12 changed system library routines. Too, I need to read in the COBOL and RPG library modules.


Johannes Thelan has the 1800 powered up, having fixed and validated a few power issues, and is now chasing down minor issues before he can begin executing code. The pulse that advances the T-clock from T7 to start a memory cycle is not occuring. There are a number of conditions that will block the clock from advancing out of T7, among them ongoing arithmetic operations, shift operations, certain branch operations and if the X clock (cycle stealing is running).

Likely this is cycle stealing running amok due to a cabling issue or other problem with an IO adapter, but Johannes has to do some scoping to determine which condition is incorrect then resolve the root problem. I expect this to be a relatively easy thing to fix, so he should be executing instructions in a few days maximum. Another system returned to life!

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