Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Continuing to slog painfully through the column corruption issue with the virtual 1442 driver


Debugging the virtual 1442 functionality

I remain stymied by the modulo ten corruption happening to card images as they move through the virtual 1442 system. Each debugging 'probe' takes 20 minutes of Xilinx dawdling  and a few minutes to load the bitstream, start my GUI program and power up the 1130 - lets call it 30 minutes per pass even if each change to the logic takes zero seconds to conceive and enter. Progress is slow.

3D printer experimentation

The 3D printer seems to be functional but my extruder, the part that forces out molten plastic at the intended rate and times, is not giving me enough volume of plastic. The resultant prints are stringy, with wisps of plastic floating like cobwebs instead of laying down on the bed. I will open up the extruder to see if something is not working properly. It may be software changes to parameters or a hardware issue.


  1. Boy I would send that 3d printer back so fast it would be a blur. While I can see lots of good uses for one in restoring old computers, there are many on the market and you do NOT need another set of issues to debug.

  2. For the price point that made this somewhat frivolous purchase worth doing, they are all kits. I did find a problem in the extruder and I have to clear out some gunk in the nozzle but it should be good soon.
    With 3D printers, there is a heap of fussing, tweaking and learning involved, regardless of the printer itself, so the incremental debugging of the kit is just a sliver.

    Too, it was a kit which satisfies my kit building nostalgia as someone who grew up with Heathkit tube kits.

  3. Your slow turn-around time soulds like the old days. You've _really_ gone retro! When you get to overnight turn-around, let me know.