Thursday, April 14, 2016

More battles with toolchains for the new fpga board, along with work on the revamped GUI


Testing new board and Vivado toolchain results

I grabbed the special load for the Cypress FX2 USB module that I used with my ztex 2.01 board and installed it on the new fpga card- that should permit communications with the PC program. If it also supports auto bitstream loading on power-up, I will be set otherwise I have some work to do.

I got some version error messages, but forced the usb file on. It no longer is reachable at all from the PC and it does not turn off the 'unloaded' LED on the fpga, but otherwise reports to the ztex utilties that the fpga is configured and everything is good. Clearly not.

This means I have to set up the whole cumbersome toolchain to compile the USB firmware with my desired endpoints AND the ability to autoload from flash at powerup. This was a multi day pain in the rear when I last did it, but it appears I have no choice.

It involves modifying some C code with macros to specify the functionality of the USB device, then compiling it and loading that firmware into the microprocessor inside the Cypress module. Once I get the special C compiler working, the macros installed and setup my C code, I should be able to generate the firmware.

Working on revamped graphical user interface

I did a layout of the new GUI, which will display four lines of status and then have a grid of 10 picture buttons, five across by two, for the peripherals, each with an image of the physical device. Depressing a button will bring up a separate floating window to control that peripheral.

I still have to design the various floating windows for the peripherals, then the trivial matter of writing all the code to implement this. I have two books on wxPython, which I need to get up to a higher level of competence in order to get this looking and working properly.

The code I have has to be refactored and more explicitly built in the Model-View-Controller pattern, as well as the changes to support the new GUI appearance and behavior. This will be a substantial amount of coding and testing but very satisfying when done.

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