Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Finished masts, rolling cannon base, working on Jack Sparrow head actuator, other details


The first set of effects painting was done on the ship today. We have a bit more to do that will define the 'windows' from which the cannons protrude. I did install one LED in a cannon to check that it is visible even in bright sunlight. 

Ship with some detailing completed
We are installing a fake leather padded top on the six foot wide notch that is the bar serving area. Next up was construction of the three masts - one at 12' high and two at 10', with 5' long crossbeams at the top and bottom of each 5x3 sail. 

Nancy built a 'cannon' and I put together a base for it. We will ultimately spray it with 'hammered' finish black paint, while the wood base will be distressed with streaks of different colored paints. 

Cannon with only base paint coat, wood base not yet decorated

Lots of painting and other detail work to do, mostly by Nancy and her friend Alice, while I work on the mechanism that will rotate a cardboard head of Captain Jack Sparrow/Depp up from behind the top rail of the ship's stern. The motive force is a 5V rotary actuator that will be controlled the a relay hooked to the Arduino that is also driving the LED cannon light flashes. 

Pirate skeleton waiting for pirate hat to fit its parrot skeleton (not shown)

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