Friday, September 15, 2017

Pirate ship ready for detail painting, other props being completed


I wired up the eight 190 lumen LEDs that will fit inside the eight cannons on the ship. We bought more wood, brackets and other supplies to complete the work, but mainly we are waiting on layers of paint on all the parts. 

There is also a considerable logistics challenge, in that I can't completely assemble a 16 foot long by 6 foot high ship, plus 12 foot high masts with sails that are 5' x 4', if I have any hope of transporting it to the site of the fundraiser. This means I have to build sections and complete assembly later.

Ready for painting timbers, cannon windows etc
The controller for the pirate ship will be an Arduino, driving relay boards that in turn switch the 2.5W to one of the cannon lights at a time, plus drive the actuator for the Depp head to pop up. The pirate song is played by a MP3 shield that runs autonomously, looping the song continuously. In addition to the "Yo Ho" song, we will have a CD looping with dock sounds - waves, fog horns and clanging bells. 

Nancy is building many props to surround the ship - coral and jellyfish to decorate one room as an underwater scene, crates, pier pilings and a treasure chest for the dockside near the ship, and so forth. I can upload pictures of items that are ready, but most items are still subassemblies or components that are work in process. I do have a bit more than two weeks until the event.

Coral to decorate the 'under the sea' room

Pier pilings and crates

We won't have access to the Alto for several weeks due to conferences, an R2-D2 convention in Los Angeles and some needed work on Marc's R2 unit in advance. I will be busy with the fundraiser props and have other projects I can work on in the interim.

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