Monday, October 8, 2018

Teletype model 19 restoration complete; Sherman Tank Bar lives another day


Model 19 system

Marc and I finished reassembling the model 19, putting on all the last small parts on covers. Marc had carefully hand polished all the label plates so they would look good when reinstalled. Finally, we had every single part accounted for, everything installed and the table ready to power up for testing.

Flipping the switches to provide power to the REC 30 power supply did turn it on, so that after a 40 second warmup it began supplying 120V DC to the table and all components plugged in there.The other switch was flipped, the send and receive jacks of the model 15 put into the TEST socket, and we verified that the unit would successfully print what was typed.

The test power was adjusted a bit high - over 70ma when the current loop should run at 60 - but it all worked. Another model 15 was hooked to the Line1 jack and it faithfully echoed what is produced on the local model 15. The perforator on the model 15 works as well, punching tape as we typed.

The tape that was punched, threaded into the model 14 Transmitter Distributor, allowed us to test whether the TD was hooked up and working properly. It did send out exactly what was on the tape. At this point, Marc only needs to adjust down the test loop current to 60ma and he can make full use of the model 19.


The life size Sherman Tank bar we made for the Villa Siena fundraiser was given to a different non-profit and will be used again on Veteran's day, Nov 11th, where it will serve as the information booth at Santana Row for the military vehicle event. I am happy to see this bar be of further use before it has to be torn apart and scrapped. 

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