Monday, January 12, 2015

Data Center shed fought me to a standstill getting the doors even

I was able to wrest a little time today to work on the 1130 project, while wrapping up details for my trip starting early tomorrow to Raleigh. At least I can work on the PC code while away, although I won't be able to do any testing that requires the keypunch and interface until I get back.

I have a board meeting tonight as well, leaving me no time to work on the project when it gets dark.


Shed before it was moved into position - edge of platform visible below shed b
The back of the shed was quite a bit off after finishing the roof construction but we shoved it all into alignment. Unfortunately, the two doors are not even and the methods provided by the manufacture, shims under the edges of the platform, have essentially zero effect.

Shed is warped, top and gable need to move to right in this view
I loosened up the screws holding the front gable, into which the door pivots attach, but can't move it to the side without quite a bit more torque on the entire shed to twist it and the roof enough to swing the top of the doors over to the right so they are more directly over the bottoms of the pivots.

I imagine this is going to take a winch or some big wood levers to push the gable to the right, not something I can easily do today. This will have to wait until I return later this week.

Not much room at rear of the shed
Even less room along the right side to the property line fence

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