Friday, January 9, 2015

Roof installed on shed and user interface coding for keypunch PC software


I spent some of the morning reading about the wxPython GUI and most of the late afternoon and evening coding up graphic elements like the main window, menus, dialog boxes and controls. I have completed a design for the UI and will work on building it out in the coming days.

I included pictures and references for the parts that are used to build the interface box, making it easier for other people to make their own interface to use with other keypunches. I will work with a few local people as they build their own boxes and wire up their keypunches.


The warped roof panels are as troublesome as I expected - extremely so - as I try to get the shed roof in place. They twist in several dimensions, for example. When the section that sits on the top of a well is bowed upwards - the usual direction which makes me think this is the result of tensions in the plastic piece based on its design - I can get a few screws in but the final edge bends up with so much force I can't bend it down while trying to get the screw up to the hole in the roof panel.

The idea of HPDE, very tough and durable, appealed to me when I bought the shed kit, but my tacit assumption was a competent design and decent quality control so it actually could be assembled. I also assumed it would give me temperature and humidity control benefits. In hindsight I should have bought a lot of lumber and built a wood shed instead of relying on a prefab. Too late now, so on with the long and painful battle to beat this shed into completion.

My son-in-law worked with me in the afternoon to pull down, twist, shove and bend the panels until we had them all installed. It was quite a job but now there are only a few remaining steps. I have to install roof caps that form the ridge of the roof, with plastic skylights along the line, two plexiglass windows and anchor the shed to the wood platform. There is just a small pile of parts left and it should be complete tomorrow.

I took some pictures in the dark, because I forgot to do this during the day. The inside picture gives a good sense for how the data center will look, sans the overhead lighting and of course computer equipment.

Inside after roof panels installed - the basic data center space
Night time view with roof panels finally installed

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