Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mostly worked on the PC software for the keypunch interface


Still looking for that spring I believe is lost and stuck somewhere inside the Selectric mechanism. I have to locate the spring to be sure I haven't left the part inside potentially jamming or damaging the console printer at some later point.


I got my scrolling window for the card images working, plus my status bar on the bottom works correctly. I have added in some more error checking as well, so that one doesn't open a file when another is already open, or close a file twice.

I have begun making the interface better esthetically, although the real challenge will be ensuring that resizing retains the behaviors and appearance I want. As well, I have adjusting to do that deals with the longer lines of binary mode files. Resizing is working fine, but it may not work as well with radically different screen resolutions because of changes in the pixels required for a font character as the resolution changes.

Sadly, since fonts are selected by points or picas, meaning fractions of an inch, the higher the resolution the more pixels that are contained in that same fraction of an inch. The rest of the settings are all relative to each other and should scale proportionately at various screen resolutions.

I need to switch my font to a monospaced type in order to control the alignment of the visible card columns on the screen. The resizing, at my current screen resolution, is working quite well now.
After I get the GUI to a better state, I will turn to the state machine for communicating over the serial link with the keypunch interface, the last major part of the program left to go.

Other GUI functions such as moving to a different card number in an open file is working now. Still some minor GUI issues but


I loosened all the bolts holding the roof panels to the trusses and side walls, hoping to get it twisted closer to ideal alignment now that all the plastic panels have been held in approximately their proper shape for a week. I saw a significant improvement along one side of the roof-line, in many cases perfectly aligned now. The other side is still off, particularly the two front panels on the left side as you face the entrance to the shed. They are twisted, the sidewalls on both sides at the front are leaning leftward, all of which keeps the front gable leftward of its counterpart holes on the floor.

I suspect I will have to use a winch and put some serious tension on the left front side at the top, skewing the parts to the right where they need to be. I will tighten down all the screws in the roof panels for each section that has come into alignment - those parts will help pull the remaining few components, hopefully with lighter and lighter tension.

I did drill and screw down the right front corner of the shed floor to the platform, but won't install the other three lag screws until I have untwisted this enough to use the swinging doors. 

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