Monday, November 20, 2017

Building up some chops in RTE IVB, slowly and steadily


Working with RTE IV B

I spent most of the day bumbling away at RTE - taking the new image I generated and trying to clean it up. There are initialization steps that involve loading and setting up various utility commands which are a bit tedious but it was essential that I figured it all out if I hoped to get a real bootable image placed on the real 7906 cartridge and have it accomplish what I wished.

Gradually I became more comfortable with my understanding, although still far from an expert. I did compile and run some simple Fortran, Basic and Assembler code just to experience a typical interaction.

One frustration is that I haven't figured out how to set up dual terminal sessions yet - where I can use one as the system console and a second to do my filemanager and other work. When you have only a single terminal, the prompts are intermixed which results in confusion and spurious error messages when a key entry is routed inappropriately. The is a HP 1000 simh simulator issue.

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