Sunday, November 12, 2017

Updated HP 1000 memory to 512KW, have new cartridge for 7906 drive


Added memory for processor

To improve performance of the RTE system and broaden the range of software I can run, I purchased an additional memory board which arrived today. It provides 256K words of additional memory for the system, which will begin above the 256K words of memory currently installed.

I configured the board for its proper address range, installed it into the machine and ran diagnostics to verify the proper function of all the memory on the system. It reported good condition for all 512K words (1 MB) of memory.

Later I fired up the tape diagnostics and ran the more comprehensive test for semiconductor memory. It ran for quite a while, writing and reading different patterns, to be sure the new memory (and my existing memory) worked flawlessly. All is good.

7906 disc drive

Since my one disk cartridge was destroyed by an upper head crash, I needed a new one to use with my system. I found someone with new-old-stock, a blank cartridge that had remained sealed in plastic for all these years. I received it yesterday and will make use of it once I have finished aligning my repaired drive.

2262A terminal

The cable I build should be correct for hooking this terminal to the HP 1000 and it should work for conversational mode running the diagnostic monitor. My earlier tests weren't successful, which drove me to checking various documents before testing again. It is still not responding at all, with the only difference being the new cable and the 2622 terminal instead of the other cable and 2645.

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