Sunday, November 19, 2017

Climbing up the RTE learning curve tailoring my system


Working with RTE IV B

I fired up the machine to get more experience with the operating system. One of the investigations I undertook was listing the logical units (LUs) to understand how these worked in RTE.

First page of LU list
Second page of LU list
Once I believed I had a reasonable handle on things, I made some changes to my disk image (under simh, preserving the disk image I use on the real system). This involved doing an online system generation, which I eventually got to completion.

The last step was to run the SWTCH program which loads the new system image onto a chosen disk image. In my case I planned to just update in place, to better match the hardware I expect to use. While it appeared to work and comes up, I discovered that I couldn't run the FTN4 program (Fortran compiler front end).

I have also been fighting with the simh based HP2100 emulator, learning how to force it to do what I want. Discovered, for example, that when I was running the SWTCH command, it insisted that the disk FORMAT switch be on, apparently something that allows for a format operation. That needed a new simulator setting and rerun.


  1. Carl - in the simh console, you can drop to the command line with CTRL-E. Then issue 'set ds0 format' to enable the format switch, then 'go' to return to RTE. To disable the switch, issue 'set ds0 noformat'.

  2. Great tip and far easier than restarting just to have the FORMAT switch set. Now to figure out how to get several terminals running under HP1000 . . .