Sunday, November 30, 2014

Installed new drive belt on 1053 console printer


Due to the rain, spent time inside the garage working on disassembly of the cycle shaft in order to replace the motor drive belt on the console printer. By 9:30 AM I had the new belt in place, with the cycle shaft hanging loose in the frame. Reassembly should not be not much harder, but then comes all the adjustments that now must be made since I had to disturb so many settings with the removal.
Removing various parts in order to move the cycle clutch shaft
Cycle Clutch shaft pulled to left, allowing access for new belt

The pulley in the middle is where the drive belt is installed
New drive belt installed but shaft not yet reassembled
By mid afternoon it was reassembled but not yet adjusted. Later I have to adjust:

  • backlash on gears
  • lateral play on cycle clutch latch (should not have changed)
  • cycle clutch latch height (although I didn't unfasten it)
  • cycle clutch spring angular position (timing of clutch release)
  • filter shaft timing relative to cycle clutch shaft
  • print shaft timing relative to cycle clutch shaft
  • C2 contact timing (feedback to 1131 while the print mechanism is busy)
I am off early tomorrow morning on a trip to Las Vegas, returning Friday evening and will be celebrating my wife's birthday tonight as I will be out of town on the actual birthday. No more work on the physical system until Saturday but I will haul along the tools to continue writing code for the FPGA and for the PC side software, in any free moments I will have. I don't expect many as I am fully booked for the entire conference.


Lots of rain today, no chance to set up outside and continue with the wiring.

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