Monday, November 3, 2014

Very little done other than root canal and bit of discomfort

Yesterday a molar began to really hurt, last night the dentist set up an appointment with the oral surgeon, and today I stumbled through my appointments on Tylenol w Codeine until the root canal was done at lunchtime. I felt okay for a short while and did a bit of soldering on the SAC interface, but now my jaw is swollen with an inch diameter bump over the tooth and I am down for the count again. Nothing is going to happen today and I hope that I can resume later tomorrow.


I corrected the flaws in the second board, which only needs its wiring now to complete it. I didn't get to the first board, which had nine pairs of resistors to replace, because I ran out of steam.

I did start board number three but only put in one pair of driver and receiver. 

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  1. I don't envy you the pain and discomfort - been there, done that too many times - but it is kind of reassuring to know that you are human and can actually be slowed down by something other than petrified lubricant! :>)