Thursday, May 7, 2015

SAC Interface logic testing/improvement plus disk cartridge cleaning machine


In restructuring the logic, I focused on a few sections that were most critical to ultra reliable operation, specifically related to the USB link and transactional mechanisms supporting commands from the Python program on the PC.

With those changes made, I fired up some tests in the workshop while it rained gently outside. It is very important to go slowly and test exhaustively when working on core parts of the system, which is what I did for the time I had available today.


I picked up a 3M cleaning machine designed to clean the disk cartridges such as used on the 1130, 1800 and with DEC RK05 drives. It spins the disk slowly while advanced and retracting some lintfree cleaning pads soaked in cleaning fluid that slide over the disk platter inside the cartridge.

It uses 3M CS-50 cleaning solution, which of course does not exist today, as well as specific lint free cleaning inserts for the arm. I should be able to fabricate suitable cleaning material, something with Kimwipes or similar on the surface that touches the disk, but I need to figure out a decent substitute for the cleaning solution.

I am in no hurry to use this with any packs, so I have plenty of time to do research and figure out the best options. The internal plastic hose that connected the fluid reservoir to the cleaning arm has become so brittle that it cracked into a few pieces, but replacement plastic hosing is trivial to find.

Disk Cartridge Cleaning Machine - now to secure suitable supplies

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