Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Console Printer (1053) improved again, working on SAC Box functionality


I made an adjustment for the index operational magnet pull link and then fired up the diagnostics again. Things are much better today. The index (line feed) works well and the episodes of missing blocks of text are gone as well. Here is what remains to resolve:

  • Tab doesn't reliably fire by push button on the front of the printer
  • Tab doesn't fire by program command
  • Escapement is still slightly erratic - sometimes skips an extra space
  • Carrier Return force not yet validated
  • Red/Black ribbon color nylon tape not repaired or installed
  • Cover not installed and typewriter not returned to its normal spot on 1131
Never any miss-selection of characters, so that entire part of the machine is flawless. I suspect residual lubricant is causing the escapement defects - this will improve with more operational time. The tab issue appears to be a missing rear spring on the tab interposer (again). CR is likely an adjustment although it is fairly close and almost always works properly now. 


I am investigating the possibility that I can re-install the punch unit with the broken wheel, on the hope that if I don't punch on the reader it will not try to rotate the wheel. If it leaves the wheel where I position it, with an unbroken arc of the wheel touching the cards, then I should be able to operate this as a 1442 reader.

Another possibility I am investigating is whether this can be used in conjunction with my virtual 1442 adapter logic. It would be necessary to switch the 1442 adapter on and off - through a toggle switch I could install - so that my interface box can respond to area code 2. I also need a means of switching my SAC box off so it ignores area code 2 while the 1442 itself is being used. This way, I could virtually punch as well as read cards on the PC, but also read real decks on the 1442.


I completed (but have not yet tested) the 1053 mirroring device support on both sides of the SAC box, so that I can create and fill a file on the PC with the characters as typed by the console printer. I am now developing the mirror 1132 printer code on the PC to allow it to create and fill a file on the PC with the lines as they are printing on my real 1132 printer.

This evening I finished up the 1132 mirror code on the PC and made a few tweaks on the fpga side to suite the way it will work. Later I began on the 1442 fpga logic for a virtual 1442 reader and punch, for when I switch off the real device's adapter hardware in the 1131. I have to work out a way to control when my box responds to area code 2 and when the 1131 will handle the device. 

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