Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Still fighting wiring on resistor panel, fixed keyboard/console switch, tuned up 1053 console printer


With the Keyboard/Console switch resistor soldered back to its pin underneath on the resistor panel, I will be able to run the typewriter/console printer diagnostic and get past the portion where I enter characters to check that they are detected properly. To stop that first part of the test, the Keyboard/Console switch has to be switched to console mode.

I have had cases where the index function sticks on and performs multiple cycles. I traced this down to goo on the front latch that holds an interposer forward after it is restored. The end of a cycle pushes the interposer forward (restores it), where a spring loaded latch on the front end pivots and locks the interposer forward. The goo was keeping the latch from springing crisply into position. I worked it free and cleared up the problem with multiple line feed (index) cycles from one activation.


I crawled down into the frame, twisted on my back and sides, to solder on a length of stranded wire with an attached pin to the solid wires that keep snapping off at the pin. I remain under the black cloud that breaks one thing for each accomplishment - as I repaired the Imm Stop and Reset pins, one of the two Prog Start pins broke off.

Once the three had the stranded wire attached pins hooked up, I began inserting the pins. Imm Stop - worked well. Prog Start - the damned stranded wire broke right off as I was maneuvering the pin into position to push it into the resistor panel.

I left the Reset pin dangling along with the broken off standed wire and walked away for a while. I only have limited time today to work on the system and had been anticipating completion of these new pins before the workday started, but that won't happen now. Maybe in the early evening.

This evening I went back under and began to install entirely new pins with stranded wire, soldering them to the existing lines. I have three of the four pins inserted and their wires soldered. I was having great difficulty getting the Imm Stop pin (P1D) pushed into place. As well, yet another random setback - a wire connection from one of the vampire taps came suddenly loose. I tried to solder the wire directly to the old pin but that also failed. I had to walk away again.


The oxidized contacts I suspected are now cleaned and appear to work okay. The issues were:

  • S/> key in alpha mode registered as a 0 due to latch 9 blocking the '2' row signal
  • cent sign registering as : due to bail 12 blocking the '12' row signal
  • + sign registering as = due to bail 12 blocking '12' row signal
  • ( registering as '  due to bail 12 blocking '12' row signal
  • | registering as " due to bail 12 blocking '12' row signal
  • 0-8-2 key not registering, likely due to latch 27 blocking signals
Once I can fire up the system with the typewriter/keyboard diagnostic program, I will try all keys including my six incorrect cases from above. Tomorrow will tell. 

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