Friday, September 11, 2015

Substituting new driver boards in SAC Interface Box to improve connection reliability


I continued wiring up the new boards (30 circuit driver, 12 circuit driver, and inverter daughter card) during breaks and at lunchtime. By the end of my lunch time, the boards were out in the workshop and I was ready to begin detaching wires from the current driver board and hooking them to the new connectors. Once that is done, I can move the ICs over to the new boards, plug in the connectors, hook the board to power and be ready to rock and roll.

Larger of two new driver boards

Inverter daughter card 
The process of rewiring is more tedious than I expected. After 30 minutes, I had one set out of seven connector pairs wired. It is over 90F and hotter than that in the workshop. I turned on a portable air conditioner and might have it down to the low eighties, a bit warm but bearable.

At the end of the workday, I went out and began with the second pair. It was no faster, even with experience gained from the first one. At this rate, it will take more than three full hours to complete the transition to the new boards.

New driver board with connectors - much more reliable
After dinner, I had completed the third of seven sets and am sure I won't get this finished and the system powered up tonight. Tomorrow I am hosting a large party for my daughter and son-in-law on their first wedding anniversary, which will consume most of my time. I might sneak in a bit of work early in the day. 

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