Monday, September 19, 2016

Testing with built in pattern generator and logic analyzer

Once again my time is divided, in this case I am helping build a Bavarian building facade with my wife, to be used for guest photos at a Oktoberfest themed fundraiser for the organization where she is involved.

Fortunately for my electronic hobbies, the building involves cutting batches of wood which must be painted by my wife and dry out before I can install them and repeat the cycle. This gives me an hour or two of free time in each go-around.


I put in some final instrumentation for use with the logic analyzer, then continued the wiring of all the signals into the unit. After the analyzer was wired, I had to jumper the outputs of the pattern generator to some of the input lines.

Once the physical wiring was done, I began to set up the logic analyzer to properly group and report the signals it is watching. This will take a bit of time but makes debugging much easier when looking through traces.

With the analyzer configured and everything wired, I began to capture some traces to see what was happening. My first problem was that the logic analyzer complained about slow or missing clocks, which is probably an issue with the connection I used to get the 50ns clock out of the board. I will try to use a different route that might have better signal characteristics.

Debugging fpga with built in pattern generator
Now I am reading the clock and seeing data, but it doesn't line up with what I expect. I will do more runs with various trigger and search patterns until I get an idea what is happening. Next were some runs where I triggered on the first 1 bit coming in on Read Data and contrasted that with what was being clocked in by my logic.

I had to smarten up the trigger criteria - Sector Mark followed by read sector FSM going to setup to read field 1, then look for '1' data bits. I found this occurred about 9 word times into the sector, which is far too early.

Back to the simulator to look over my test generator code, then more logic analyzer work until the test generator itself is doing the right thing. I can't debug the behavior of my disk driver logic if the input it sees is scrambled.

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