Sunday, June 5, 2022

At 80% finishing Vol 3 of ALDs, remaining are 1053, 1132, 1442 and 2501 device controllers


Volume 4, the remaining book, plus the digitized FRxxx (2501 Card Reader) pages, are the last to be processed in this second pass. Volume 4 contains the XPxxx (1132 Line Printer), XRxxx (1442 Card Reader/Punch), XWxxx and (1053 Console Printer) device controller logic pages. The remainder of that volume holds the power supply and other wiring diagrams. 

At this point there are 6,490 entries in the database/spreadsheet, with a not insignificant number of duplicates to remove. I will deal with all of this in the cleanup after the second pass is completed.


During my data entry I come across errors or typos, which I have the opportunity to repair. Not every error will be detected but if I enter a netname that was not in the database from pass 1, or if I type an 1130 signal name that was not encountered before, it is obvious. 

The spreadsheet application attempts to complete the text when a string matches the beginning of an existing entry. When this happens, it may bring up a similar entry but a few more keystrokes will disambiguate. When there is no match, it is a flag for me to check closer. 

Sometimes I mistyped a netname or signal name, but more often it means that the database hasn't encountered this before. As one example of an error, I may have typed KT211AB4 when I was intending to type KT221AB4, thus helping me catch the error.

Another class of error is when a netname on the ALD page is wholly contained within one SLT card. It therefore has no pin assigned and I didn't enter in during the first pass. Similarly, it won't be connected to any pin during the second pass and can be safely skipped. 

Finally, I found a few errors where I mis-entered the ALD page name on the first pass. XF241xx entries were typed as XF242xx in the database. I was able to go back and change the entries to be correct. 

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