Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Completed second pass entering signals to 1130 database


The final stretch, covering the inputs to the 2501 Card Reader pages FRxxx, was particularly tedious. Blurry images and complex interconnections meant that each ALD page took quite a while to enter. Many times a signal would not show up, for example SQ and SG might be confused as they looked identical on a blurry image of a page printed with a 1403 printer chain. Finally, however, I was done.

The result was 7,43 9raw pin entries. There are some additional ALD pages that, if I can get access to them, will let me complete the database for all standard 1130 systems. First, I am missing one page of the 2501 device controller section (FR341). I am missing the entire ALD sections for the Synchronous Communications Adapter (SCA), which are FC pages, and the 1231 Optical Mark Reader, whose ALD page names begin with FD. 

I have asked owners of another 1130 who had those pages in their ALDs; at least at one time they owned ALDs with those sections included. They are searching for them now and hopefully I will have more work to do, adding the 1231 and SCA to the database. 


I will sort the database to get all the netname entries together to look for:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Variations in signal names
  • Variations in net names
  • Signals entered under two similar netnames that should be the same
The result will be the final version of the spreadsheet that I can put to use in verifying connectivity particularly between backplanes (compartments) but a reasonable fraction of all signal paths are included. 

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