Thursday, June 2, 2022

Early in second pass of database entry for IBM 1130 signals


The method of recording these inputs is straightforward, I simply use the input signal naming and record all the gate/compartment/card/pin locations it reaches. When these are sorted with their peers I will have each net name with all its pins together, exactly as I wanted. 


Using the time it took to complete the first 21 pages, some being repetitive/easy and others being complex, I have a quick and dirty projection for the time to complete this second phase.


By accomplishing various sorts of the database I will have information to test out connectivity for various components in the system.

If I need to check connectivity of all the pins for a given signal, I sort by the net name - this begins with the ALD page name and has as a suffix the logical gate and an exit number from that gate where the signal is produced. KA101BE6 comes from ALD page KA101, logical gate BE which is a flipflop and exit number 6 is assigned to the notQ output of a flipflop. This is the -Run TR signal. 

To check connectivity to all the pins of a given card, I can sort by gate, compartment, card then pin. For each pin number where will be a set of entries for all the net names/signals that are associated with this. If I make a quick note of those net names, I can resort by net name and we have all the locations where each signal goes. That lets me test from this pin out to all the other locations it has to reach.

Similarly, if I want to test all the connections for a given edge connector, I would sort by gate, compartment and card, then select the slot number for the given edge connector. These are connectors that are typically around the edge slots of a backplane, but a few are interior when all the outside slots are filled. These are slots in rows 1 and 8 or columns A and N. Thus, A6 or E8 are identifiable as edge connector slots since a card cannot fit in those rows or columns. Using the same logic as with pin connectivity, noting the nets and then sorting by net lets me test how this edge connector reaches all its remote destinations. 

I could sort by a gate and compartment to get all the net names connected to that backplane, then sort by netname to see the longish list of remote locations that each of these touch. I also would have all the locations in the compartment, without sorting, to verify traces and wire wrap on the backplane.

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